Which one of these is better?

If you’re planning to have a gender-related procedure and are considering the retroperitonally or ultrasonically operated option, you should consult with your surgeon.

For this purpose, you’ll want to consider the following questions: Is it better for my health?

Will the surgery be more comfortable?

Will it be more effective?

Is the procedure safe?

Are there risks associated with the procedure?

Are the procedures painless?

Is there a low-risk option?

What if I have a low back problem, such as osteoarthritis?

If you decide to have retroperionally operated surgery, it is important to understand the risk of complications and how to prepare for any complications.

Before you decide, be sure to talk to your physician to determine if there are any risk factors.

You can find a full list of guidelines and precautions for retroperonally operated surgeries at the Mayo Clinic.