10 Week Ultrasound|4d Ultrasound|ultrasound Service How to get a free mammogram and ultrasound for a $5.50 deposit

How to get a free mammogram and ultrasound for a $5.50 deposit

New Delhi: India’s biggest health care operator, Reliance Health, said on Thursday that it would make free mammograms and ultrasound available to people who want them.

Reliance Health plans to make the mammogram available for a fee of Rs 5.50 for the first five months after March 1.

The company will also make ultrasound available for free for five months.

The move follows a nationwide consultation on the availability of mammograms for free.

It comes as the government announced the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Act, 2016, that allows for the free access of health records for patients.

It also provides a free copy of a health plan for any Indian citizen.

India’s health insurance market is expected to grow by about 3.4% to Rs. 4.3 trillion ($5.3 billion) this year from the current level of Rs. 3.3 to Rs 3.7 trillion ($4.1 billion) in the 2017-18 fiscal, according to the Indian National Alliance for Healthcare Management, a research and advocacy group.