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Twins ultrasound, ultrasound technician school and ultrasound imaging

Twin ultrasound, an advanced ultrasound imaging technology, is being used to perform abdominal ultrasounds on newborns.

The technology allows the surgeon to use the abdomen as a template to create an ultrasound image.

The new technology is being tested in the Netherlands.

The procedure is designed to help diagnose congenital anomalies.

Trial participants include a newborn with a genetic defect and a patient who has been diagnosed with a heart condition.

The twin ultrasound procedure is the first of its kind.

The procedure involves using an ultrasound scanner to create a composite image of the baby’s abdomen, using images from the patient’s abdomen and the surgeon’s ultrasound image, and the images are processed in real time by an automated system.

This allows the ultrasound image to be compared with an ultrasound reconstruction, which can show whether the reconstruction is accurate.

When the ultrasound images are analyzed, the reconstruction can be used to reconstruct the baby with a higher level of accuracy.

“It is one of the most important technologies in the future of ultrasound imaging, and it is a huge step forward for twins,” said Jan Vossen, senior medical researcher at the Dutch National Institute for Health and Care Research.

Vossen and his colleagues have been conducting a trial with twins, and have managed to achieve about 10 percent accuracy on their first attempt, compared to about 7 percent accuracy for the first attempt on a baby who had the same defect.

The results will be published in the journal Scientific Reports in March 2018.

In the study, they chose twins because the twin ultrasound technique allows them to have a high level of precision, while allowing them to get a good result in about half the cases, Vossan said.

Other researchers at the institute are working on similar procedures, including one using twins.