10 Week Ultrasound|4d Ultrasound|ultrasound Introduction Transrectal Ultrasound Technician School Gets $1.6 Million for Surgery

Transrectal Ultrasound Technician School Gets $1.6 Million for Surgery

Politico The University of Washington is offering $1,6 million in federal stimulus money for a Transrector ultrasound technician school.

The U.S. Department of Education announced Wednesday that it has awarded the $1 million contract to the school to support its Transrectors and their development.

The school will be funded through the Office of the Federal Procurement Coordinator.

The program will help students get the necessary skills and knowledge needed to develop a Transposable Organs Technology.

The UW also is supporting the program with $250,000 for faculty salaries and equipment.

“Transrectors are one of the most promising technologies that are now available to physicians,” said University of Oregon associate vice chancellor for research and innovation David Dornstein.

“This technology could transform medical imaging, including for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers, as well as the prevention and treatment.

We hope the Transrectoral Ultrasounds School at UW will be a hub for this innovative technology.”

The school is in the Seattle suburb of Mercer Island, near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where a new airport is slated to open in 2020.

The UW was established in 1881 as a school for medical education.

In 2012, the school began accepting students for its first Transrective Ultrasolution class.

The Transrectural Ultrasolutions program was one of four funded by the federal stimulus that was set to be rolled out in 2018.

The $1 billion in stimulus funds will be used to train about 300 people in various medical specialties in order to develop new technology.

The federal government will use the money to pay for equipment and training for the students.